About Us

From its foundation in 2011, the West London Free School has been at the forefront of education, both locally and nationally. The school has a distinct and very clear ethos, which is to provide a classical liberal education for pupils of all backgrounds, emphasising scholarship and academic excellence. The curriculum is rich and knowledge based, and ensures that all of the pupils are provided with an education that includes the materials and methods of the great scholars, thinkers and academics.  Our pupils learn how to study with rigour, diligence and application, so that they are able to study, absorb and understand their subjects at increasingly challenging levels as they progress through the school. Our motto is ‘sapere aude!’ which can be translated as ‘dare to know’, encompassing our exhortation to pupils to take an ambitious and curious approach to their learning. The highly-qualified staff here inspire pupils with their infectious enthusiasm for their own curriculum areas and expert teaching and subject knowledge.

This is also a school that values competition and achievement outside of the classroom. Pupils are encouraged to give of their best and to try new challenges on the sports field, the stage or in other competitions, such as debating, public speaking or any other of the many extra-curricular activities on offer here. The standard of Music here is particularly impressive, with all pupils being strongly encouraged to learn at least one musical instrument and the various orchestras, choirs and ensembles performing at an extraordinarily impressive level.

We place great emphasis on politeness and good behaviour and expect the highest standards from all pupils at all times. Both courtesy and kindness are expected of everyone in the school. Pastoral care is excellent. Staff know and support the pupils extremely well and provide extra care and assistance where required. We also have a House system, which encourages a strong sense of community and allows pupils of different ages to get to know each other and work on all kinds of competitions and activities.