Headteacher Welcome

Welcome to Coombe Wood School and the opportunity to be a part of a hugely demanding but rewarding new project.  If you relish a challenge, thrive on responsibility and have high levels of resilience and adaptability to take on new roles then please read on!

If you genuinely believe that core characteristics of successful sports men and women - Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship – are characteristics that when displayed by young learners, will equally lead to success in the classroom, then please keep reading.  The ethos of Coombe Wood School is built on these core values.

Coombe Wood School pupils will walk into lessons alive, engaged, resilient, respectful, empathetic and confident young learners as a result of positive and personalised Health Related Fitness experiences throughout the school day.  They will be a pleasure to teach.

I am looking for passionate teachers who strive to help pupils understand what their very best looks like, and then work extremely hard to help pupils reach their best every day, because teaching matters every day.

In return I want to make your teaching experience at CWS one where you can do what you do what you came in to the profession to do – plan, teach and assess your lessons.

Starting a school from scratch, we have the unique opportunity to be able to only put into place the things that make a positive difference to pupils and nothing else – including excessive and ineffective marking!  If it doesn’t make a positive difference to the whole child, let’s not do it.

You will also never be alone.  My job and that of my leadership group is to serve the pupils and serve you, the staff and to help protect the most precious thing in our school – the learning environments.

Every lesson will be visited every day to support you in your teaching.  You will access to an extensive CPD programme within the Folio Education Trust and within two years you will be also be working in state of the art new classrooms have access to wonderful sporting facilities.  Coombe Wood School will also be expanding year on year and career progression opportunities will be many and varied for ambitious staff who produce outstanding results.

If your work ethic and educational values are aligned with mine and if you are passionate about the role that Health Related Fitness and sport can play in developing resilient and determined young learners, then I would love to hear from you.

Barry Laker, Headteacher, Coombe Wood School